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CSCS in partnership with N-Gaged training
The Restore Trust is please to announce that from the 19th of August we will be in partnership with N-Gaged training who will be delivering our CSCS courses from then.

Courses still run every 2 weeks but if you are interested in referring someone on or doing the course yourself please take a look at the eligibility criteria for funding I've listed below: 

You must of turned 19 before September 1st of of the previous academic year (for example this year would be before September 1st 2019 as we are now in September) 

You must be unemployed and claiming benefits

If you are employed but on a low income and can evidence it, please give us a call to check as full funding or partial funding may be available depending on your specific circumstances 


Please give us a call on 0117 942 7000 if interested

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